New Replica Chanel Bag Is Unabashedly Chic

Coco Chanel was a visionary, feverish in her pursuit of a style that represented comfort, freedom from constricting fashion diktats and above all, singular elegance. During his tenure, Karl Lagerfeld has treated this legacy with the respect it demands, combined with an unerring ability to gauge the zeitgeist. The result? Decades of triumphs, of cultivating a customer who believes in timeless quality, with a caveat thrown in — possess a frontrunner NOW as much as an icon FOREVER.

When it comes to their bags, the label can boast a sizeable cult following, that has made the 2.55 or the Boy bag more than mere accessories. The latest entrant, Gabrielle, is slated to hit stores this season. Inspired by vintage binocular cases that men toted along to races, it is an homage to Madame Coco’s underlying philosophy; adopting principles from men’s fashion and translating their ease into slick feminine avatars.

Though moulded from a rigid base, the bag malleably shapes itself to the female form, supporting movement and shift. Adjustable straps of leather intertwined with gold or silver metal allow it to be worn over the shoulder, across the body, or even both ways together. It is the age of more is more, after all.

Aged calfskin and a signature quilted body are a nod to the eternal Chanel replica aesthetic and the garnet cloth lining emulates the first bags Coco ever designed. The addition of navy to the classic black or flesh tones against white create a trio of colour options. The bag morphs into a variety of versions; there’s the backpack for the sporty and fuss-free, the large shopper for the woman who just does not know what to leave behind, and a duet of a purse within a hard case, for those in perennial search of the unusual and new. This last version offers a more generous palette, including cheery summer shades like yellow, pink, red, blue and aqua and will also debut in python for the ultra luxe-minded.

We can all look forward to the Gabrielle storming her way into closets through summer and sitting pretty and polished for eons to come. Coco would be so proud.

2017 Chanel fashion will be the new Gabrielle Chanel bag

In this spring and summer of 2017 Chanel women’s show on the occasion, by the brand’s full range of creative director Karl Lagerfeld to founder Ms. Chanel named inspiration, the first release of the new “Gabrielle Chanel” package, and announced that it will be launched on April 3 this year New image advertising planning, by the four brand ambassadors common interpretation.

2017 spring and summer fashion show will show the first launch of this “Gabrielle Chanel” package, a full range of creative director Karl Lagerfeld (Karl Lagerfeld) hope that this package and other classic brand Chanel bags, both aesthetics and practical spirit , Set the power and elegance in one.

“Gabrielle Chanel” to stiffen the high temperature plastic structure as the base, the main body of the Chanel bag is extremely light and soft: the contrast effect is so strong structure, to maintain the shape is perfect, can easily find the inner items. It also continues the spirit of the brand to pursue a comfortable, close to the figure, softly with the body and action, not hindered. Adjustable shoulder straps are bimetallic chain designs that combine leather with gold and silver metal chains. So innovative details, bring a lot of different ways to wear: you can shoulder, reclining, or at the same time, so that chain overlap, hatchback. So it is perfect with a variety of personality traits, silhouettes or mood, a great show of contemporary women’s multi-style style.

Chanel 2016/17 “Paris Metropolis” Advanced Hand Workshop series

Since 2002, Karl Lagerfeld launched a separate annual senior clothing line, which is released in December each year, “Advanced Hand Workshop Series.”

This series is a tribute to the ultimate handmade art, from Lemarié camellia and plumage Square, Maison Michel hatting Square, Massaro footwear Square, Lesage embroidery Square, Montex embroidery Square, Causse glove Square and Lognon fold Square and other senior Handmade Square of extraordinary skill.

Each year, Karl Lagerfeld will choose a brand and have a close contact with the city as a creative theme, innovative interpretation of the classic elements of the brand, to create endless creative design, show the moving history of Chanel. Carl from the Chanel brand and series of topics between the city’s inextricably linked to draw inspiration, to create a unique series of senior clothing, to show the exquisite superior craftsmanship superb craftsmanship.

Craftsmen dedicated to devote their efforts, exquisite interpretation of Karl Lagerfeld’s creative design, to create one after another fantastic high-level series of hand-Square. “This series is by the ‘artisans’ are specially built, its essence lies in the ‘Artists’ implied in the ‘art’ meaning. This is a perfect thing to do the perfect art, an applied art, stunning I believe that the spirit of this series is reflected in those who must be closer to the scrutiny, or even to personally touch, to feel its refined elegance, the only way to understand that meticulous production process, and really appreciate its beauty, “Carl Lagerfeld explained.

Chanel is the only one in order to retain the great craftsmanship of the great heritage and superb skills, and special creation of a completely independent series of brands. More than 10 years, this series of continuous development, and now has unique in the industry. Advanced handmade Square series in May each year in Chanel boutique sale, the integration of modern and handmade art, the use of a variety of materials for customers to create elegant and elegant high-level clothing. The series of accessories – Chanel handbags, shoes and apparel, jewelry, and even buttons – are filled with the ultimate attention to luxury details.

The series of high-level handmade inspiration footprints throughout Tokyo, New York, Monte Carlo, London, Moscow, Shanghai, Byzantine, Mumbai, Edinburgh, Dallas, Austria, Salzburg, Rome and Paris.

Chanel handbags to identify the true and false

Luxury in our eyes is very rich, aristocratic, the management class can have things, in fact, luxury is not far away from us, you know how to identify the authenticity of luxury? Today, I teach you how to identify true and false

Chanel replica identify the tips

  1. Chanel small sheepskin bag can smell from the leather and car line neat check on the true and false.
  2. Chanel purse bag anti-counterfeit laser stickers on the number, and ensure that the same card.
  3. Lambskin and litchi pattern, Chanel replica is the most imitation of the two purses material. Whether it is rhombohedron or classic CoCo bag, feel is very smooth smooth, metal parts do not scratch.
  4. Chanel bag itself is very shaped, there will be no sense of collapse. Especially small sheepskin, not only feel good, but there will be a kind of original leather smell, fakes can not be made with lambskin.
  5. The most powerful of the authenticity of the points, is Chanel purses in addition to the warranty card, and the bag itself to print the same number, the bag inside the bag, carefully to find the bottom, you will find a fluorescent security stickers to ensure that card serial number And security stickers on the same serial number, is the real thing.

Chanel every fashion event are beautiful to people intoxicated

Chanel This year’s well-known fashion event Métiers d’Art has just ended in France Ritz Hotel, many well-known international celebrities such as Cara Delevigne, Lily Depp Rose, Pharrell Williams and Karl Lagerfeld and others to join in a long history of Ritz Paris enjoy Chanel brand behind the artisans that praise the craftsmanship.

Métiers d’Art has been held since 2002 to celebrate, support and preserve the traditional craftsmanship of the fashion industry, as Chanel deeply understands that behind a brand if there is no strong artisan skills support, even the best design is only no good. The earliest craft category has the metal processing division, the flower and the feather craft technician, the hat-making division, the embroidery artist, the shoemaker, the goldsmith, and the flower decorator and so on, the light from these kind of categories, actually the brain already emerge the Chanel replica brand several Large classic design elements.

The selection of fashion show venue each time Karl Lagerfeld has also been carefully selected, because the final season clothing design and show the country where the local cultural customs are closely related to this layer and local history of the relevance and image, will be integrated into the Chanel brand Of the blood lifeline, can be regarded as one of Karl’s marketing practices.

Karl Lagerfeld elected each year to host the Métiers d’Art venues, always stunning, not only because of the location itself is rich in the unique charm and beauty, but also because Karl in the choice of sites behind the thoughts are very careful and meticulous, Under the deep impression.

Let’s take a look back at this year’s Métiers d’Art scene for the past five years, and enjoy a good aftertaste!

22/5000 Luxury is the most profitable business?

The Chanel brand continues to increase the price of its handbags, but this permanent increase is not only due to price inflation but rather to the exclusivity of the brand. It’s been 6 years since this increase was observed, a platform of high-end baghunter handbags published a report according to which a rise of 70%.

It is not therefore inflation that motivates the French brand to increase its prices but indeed the desire to keep the exclusivity of its high-end products reserved for a pre-selected clientele. Evelyn Fox, CEO of Baghunter said, “Chanel has always been regarded as a luxury brand par excellence at the top of the industry. This position taken by the brand allows it to set its own prices without taking into account market trends “. In order to see this increase, Baghunter was interested in the oldest bag of the brand, which arrived on the market in 1955, the 2.55 Chanel.

The price of this first bag has for a long time stagnated but it has never decreased, and has tended to increase from the 1990s. The price of this bag keeps increasing, indeed it has Even tripled in just 11 years. In 2005 the price raised was 1650 euros, in 2010 it amounted to 2850 euros and it was inflamed in 2012 and reached 4400 euros. In May 2016, the Chanel 2.55 bag is worth the sum of 5000 euros. This increase would then be a strategy led by the French brand, which took into account several factors justifying this increase in 1990 and 1995, but also the fight against the gray market. Despite the increase in prices of Chanel replcai bags, demand is growing and is not enough to curb the purchases of these. In other words, all the holders of Chanel bags have realized a real investment that never ceases to be profitable!

The prices of Chanel replica handbags have been increasing steadily for six years

Over the past six years, the value of Chanel replica handbags has increased by 70% according to the report released by Baghunter, e-commerce platform of high-end replica handbags.

The pricing strategy pursued by the French luxury house is not, however, determined by inflation. Chanel would be more motivated to increase its prices to maintain the exclusivity of its products. For example, the Chanel 2.55 handbag introduced on the market in 1955 has always overlooked the level of inflation rate.

“Chanel has always been considered a premium luxury brand at the top of the industry. This brand position allows it to set its own prices without taking market trends into account, “says Evelyn Fox, Baghunter’s CEO.

To establish his report, Baghunter was interested in the evolution of the price of the Chanel handbag 2.55, the oldest created by the brand.

If its tariff has stagnated for several years, it has never decreased and has shown a trend to increase in the 1990s.

In 2005, the reference bag of Chanel sold for 1,650 €, then to 2,850 € in 2010 and finally reach the price of 4,400 € in 2012. In May 2016, the average price of the bag Chanel 2.55 was 5 000 €.

Although its increase between 1955 and 1990 can be explained by the rise in the inflation rate and the rise in the cost of labor, since then other factors have been taken into account by the House.

According to Baghunter’s calculations, the value of this bag increased by 3.70% per annum between 1955 and 2015. If Chanel had established its prices solely on the basis of inflation, its handbag would be sold to Around € 2,000 compared to € 5,000 currently.

The Chanel handbag tariffs would therefore be the subject of a Chanel-specific strategy, particularly with regard to the gray market.

Despite this trend, the demand for Chanel replica handbags does not diminish. A reality that also applies to the Birkin bag of Hermes. This one has seen its value increased by 500% during the last 35 years.

While the rising prices of these luxury products may frustrate some consumers, it does the business of shareholders who see these replica handbags as an opportunity for more than profitable investment.

The secrets of Coco Chanel at hand of all women

Mademoiselle had enough of having her hands taken by her purse. Against this hindrance to the freedom to be a woman, Gabrielle Chanel replica drew inspiration from the military bags to invent in 1929 a shoulder bag whose adjustable chain allows both a hand and a shoulder. For the time so attached to dissociating the masculine codes from the feminines, it is a heresy … today perceived as the instinct of modernity. In February 1955, the seamstress of the rue Cambon gives her model all the details that allow her to fit into eternity. Despite its name in reference to its date of creation, the 2.55 is part of the eternity because it arises precisely from the desire of a woman in the service of all: that of combining pragmatism and aesthetics.

If they seduce all women, his details are nevertheless charged with the personal history of Coco. Her “diamond” cushioning is inspired by the jackets of the ladies of the races that frequented the passionate creator of riding. Its interior reveals a second burgundy flap as a reminder to the convent uniform worn by the young Gabrielle at the orphanage of the Aubazine Abbey. The shoulder strap made of a metal chain evokes that which girded the size of the good sisters so that they hang their keys there. The stylist gets 2.55 of a lipstick pocket, makeup that helped repopularize the austere aftermath of the First World War, and a secret pocket in her outer flap where she would have hidden the letters of her lovers . She baptizes the rectangular clasp of the “Mademoiselle” bag in reference to her eternal refusal of marriage. This characteristic makes it possible to differentiate the historical model from its reinterpretation “Timeless Classic” with a double C clasp and invented by Karl Lagerfeld in 1988.

Investing in stocks is better than investing in a Chanel bag

Many people feel that spending big bucks to buy luxury goods is not worth, are consumables, do not know if you start with the classic section of the bag not only does not consume, but also mid-value.

Chanel classic two packages, one is the Lafayette in the eighties with the original design of the original design of the original design of the 255 double-c deduction Classic Flap, one is the continuation of the most classic Chanel 255 design 255 Reissue are almost every year up price. And the rate of price increases is almost maintained at 10% -20% of the substantial.

Today, you go to the United States Chanel shop, the most common medium-sized Classic Flap price to 4900 US dollars, which is the price in May this year, just the results, if in time for the purchase price in May, this package as long as 4,400 US dollars , Immediately save $ 500. If you buy three years ago, 2011, as long as 3,000 US dollars, cheap almost 2000 US dollars.

Again, if, in the Beijing Olympic Games that year, 2008, you are happy to buy a Chanel Cassic Flap in the United States, as long as 2350 US dollars. (At that time the price of lambskin and litchi skin is not the same, small sheep to 2495 US dollars to your point)

2008 to 2016, the time after 8 years, the price rose 2550 US dollars, the price doubled more than, the equivalent of more than 16% per year or more!

If you bought in 2008, and now do not want to, as long as the preservation was fairly good, in the secondary market for at least 3000 US dollars more than the price shot. If you do not invest in the stock market in 2008, all the money to buy Chanel bag, all sold this year, you can then double the property.

These may not be very realistic consideration, but at least you can know is Chanel Classic Flap is really worthy of the Classic (classic) this name, not only will not become obsolete, and will become more valuable. Coupled with Chanel’s work, although often complained, but relative to most other luxury brands, the quality is still very good, spend decades will not get rotten, and even if purchased a few decades ago Chanel, now To the store can also care and repair, but sometimes may receive a little money.

To put it this way, if you have decided to buy a Chanel, the best choice is: buy now!